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Our Planet Earth




All About Animals brings children into the amazing animal kingdom! Children learn about diverse, astounding creatures on earth as they experiment with camouflage and get hands-on with real tooth and claw replicas. Children discover which animals are truly spineless! See how scientists classify everything from elephants to arachnids. The circle of life is revealed as children explore & compare life cycles. The Animal Tracks Take-Home


Children get engrossed in entomology! They find out that insects are arthropods and inspect authentic insect specimens. Insect anatomy is introduced and examined up-close. An ultraviolet powder demonstration lights up the truth on how insects spread pollen. Children learn how insects adapt by building insect puzzles at habitat stations. They examine a bag of insect defense representations and choose the one they want.


An introduction to geology, including an understanding of the geological formation processes, classification systems, identification methods, and physical properties of rocks and minerals.


Children dig-in to Earth science! Earth’s layers are introduced with a spotlight on its outer rocky layer. Children check out three rock samples to find out how they were made & where they were formed. They inspect minerals with an ultraviolet light to see them fluoresce. They model the moving plates that cause bends & breaks in the Earth’s solid rock layer. Create tremors to tip a tower & then things get rocky with the Experi-tube Take-Home!


Recycle your own paper! Build a lake in a bottle and discover how humans and nature affect the lake. We look at Pollution Solutions & Water Filters and see which filter combinations work best. We will try some different experiments measuring the effects of solar power and observing some greenhouse effects. Test activities that use solar energy to trap an object’s image to create a cool picture.


Examine how plants "drink" water in our "Coloring Flowers" activity. Animal Tracks to discover the important differences in the way that mammals move. How do they think it would feel to only be able to find food using their sense of smell? Let’s find out on our Scent Trail! Nature’s Paints- Color in plants and flowers are used as a paint or a dye. We may even do an outdoor Camouflage activity!


Introduces students to environmental issues relating to our water system and the effects of, and difficulties in cleaning up oil spills. Absorbents, Aquatic, Biodegradation, Booms, Contamination, Density, Dilute, Disaster, Dispersant, Ecosystem, Environment, Experiment, Evaporate, Food Chain, Marine, Observation, Oil, Oil Spill, Pollution, Preening, Slick, Surface Tension, Waterproof.


Children get weather-wise in this climate-controlled class! A demonstration using heat sensitive paper and a flashlight brings to light the reasons for seasons. Children discover how air affects weather, and perform a test to prove that air is everywhere. Children try out tools that meteorologists use to measure weather. They create three-day weather forecasts for cities around the world and stage a statically charged indoor storm. Children take home the color-changing Sun Beads kit to detect ultraviolet light from the sun


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